CD4047BE Multistable Vibrator

CD4047BE consists of a gatable astable multivibrator with logic techniques
incorporated to permit positive or negative edge triggered
monostable multivibrator action with retriggering and external counting

Monostable Multivibrator Features
• Positive or Negative Edge Trigger
• Output Pulse Width Independent of Trigger Pulse
• Retriggerable Option for Pulse Width Expansion
• Internal Power-On Reset Circuit
• Long Pulse Widths Possible Using Small RC Components
by Means of External Counter Provision
• Fast Recovery Time Essentially Independent of Pulse
• Pulse-Width Accuracy Maintained at Duty Cycles
Approaching 100%
Astable Multivibrator Features
• Free-Running or Gatable Operating Modes
• 50% Duty Cycle
• Oscillator Output Available
• Good Astable Frequency Stability: Frequency Deviation:
- = ±2% + 0.03%/oC at 100kHz
- = ±0.5% + 0.015%/oC at 10kHz (Circuits “Trimmed”
to Frequency VDD = 10V ± 10%

Digital equipment where low power dissipation and/or high noise
immunity are primary design requirements
• Envelope Detection
• Frequency Multiplication
• Frequency Division
• Frequency Discriminators
• Timing Circuits
• Time Delay Applications
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