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HC-05 Bluetooth
The Bluetooth Transreceiver HC-05 Breakout is the latest Bluetooth wireless serial cable. This version of the popular Bluetooth uses the HC05 module. These modems work as a serial (RX/TX) pipe. Any serial stream from 9600 to 115200 bps can be passed seamlessly from your computer to your target. The remote unit can be powered from 3.3V up to 6V for easy battery attachment. All signal pins on the remote unit are 3V-6V tolerant. No level shifting is required. Do not attach this device directly to a serial port, you will need an RS232 to TTL converter circuit or Arduio XBee USB Adapter if you need to attach this to a computer. HC-05 could be set to master or slave by user. HC-05 can only be master or slave which could be customized.

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